an engineer

Is your talent acquisition team overwhelmed? Hire our engineers to handle technical interview aspects like live-coding interviews, technical questions, and technical challenges, leaving your engineering and recruiting team to focus on their core functions.

We can smell
a good engineer
a mile away

At Dzemo only engineers hire other engineers. Yes, we can smell a good engineer from a mile away :) Because we know, first hand, the familiar scent that makes them stand out.

Smell A Good Engineer from a Mile Away

Let’s optimize
your recruiting by 1 step

We optimize the recruiting process for you, helping your hiring team to do less work. As engineers, we do at least one technical interview for you, reducing your recruiting by at least 1 step. We thereby deliver tested and tried candidates to you, who have been thoroughly vetted.

Optimize Your Recruiting Process by 1 Step



Shop Apotheke - React Recruiting

React engineers are plentiful, but Lead React Engineers are scarce. We recruited that very scarce and extremely talented Lead React Engineer for Shop-Apotheke, the number 1 ranked pharmacy in Germany. Read how it went down …

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Digitell.me - PHP Freelance Hiring

PHP engineers are commonplace, but how do you find one who specializes in an uncommon framework like Yii - for a startup like Digitell.me - in a time-to-hire of just 1 week?

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Essentry - C# Recruiting

Essentry, an innovative PropTech startup in Berlin, came to us with the task of finding them a rare C# engineer who could develop desktop applications and be ready to work or relocate to their Berlin office. We were up to the task :)

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Why engineers hire other engineers?

Listen to the story of engineers hiring other engineers, meaning engineers being involved at the beginning and sourcing stage of the recruiting process, and see why it makes sense
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Why Engineers Hire Other Engineers

Why do we automate sourcing?

If we were sourcing or searching our candidates manually, we’ll need as long as other recruiting agencies to hire. Read how and why we automate ...
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Why Do We Automate Sourcing

How much value is a candidate video?

The qualified candidates we find and interview submit a 1 minute application video that we then submit to our clients. So what is our reasoning here ...
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How much value is a candidate video?


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